Tips To Better the Appliances in Your Home

When it comes to the appliances in your home, you should always be taking care of them. Whether that means cleaning them after you’re done using them or dusting off the coils once a month, your appliances deserved better than what you’re providing them with at this moment. Here are our tips explained…

Refrigerator Tips

#1 Clean the coils and drip pan.

Nobody likes looking at a dusty and grimy fridge. Take pride in the appliance that keeps all of your food fresh for so long by dusting off the coils on the back or top of the refrigerator once a month. You can do this with a cloth or a duster; it’s up to you. The drip pain also needs some love. Nobody likes filling a cup of water on a dirty drip pan; plus, they’re extremely easy to remove and clean. So, do it!

#2 Defrost the freezer.

When was the last time you fully shut off your freezer, let it defrost and then cleaned it? We guess it hasn’t been since you first purchased the thing. Freezers should always be frost free. This means that if it isn’t, it’s up to you to turn off the fridge, let it melt and then wipe the frost away from the walls. Once the frost has liquefied, it’s safe to turn back on the fridge.

#3 Check the gaskets to make sure they’re properly sealed.

The gaskets are the seals on the fridge and freezer doors that keep the cold air in and the room temperature air out. If the gaskets are broken, your fridge will be working harder to stay at a steady temperature. If they’re not sealed properly, give our refrigerator repair technicians a call.

Oven & Range Tips

#1 Use the self-clean feature.

Believe it or not, not many people use the self-cleaning feature built into their ovens. This temperature incinerates the residue inside the oven and it costs less to do in comparison to purchasing a heavy duty container of conventional oven cleaner. Plus, it works great!

#2 Care for the knobs and bulbs.

You should always be caring for the knobs on your stove. This means that if you spill something on a knob, clean it off. Also, if you notice a knob on your stove is loose, get it repaired by a stove repair technician. Same goes for light bulbs. If you aren’t sure how to change out a light bulb that’s burnt out, give us a call!

#3 Clean or replace burner drip pans.

Nobody likes dirty burner drip pans. These pans are used to catch all of the overspills from cooking, but they need to be cleaned. If you don’t clean them, food can get caked on and in some cases they can become irreversibly stained. When stains occur, it’s likely you’ll need to completely replace the burner drip pans altogether.

Washer & Dryer Tips

#1 Stop lint from getting on clothes after washing.

It can be extremely frustrating to take your clothes out of the washer to throw them into the dryer to notice they’re covered in lint. Not only is this annoying, but it’s also destructive. You may need to rewash your clothes to remove the lint; however, if you have a properly functioning dryer, it should be able to take the lint off of your clothes. Just be sure you’re not stuffing the dryer too full.

#2 Check the dryer vent.

Did you know your dryer vent should be cleaned annually? Just like the rest of the vents in your house, it too gets full of dust, lint and particles from drying countless loads of wet laundry. A system with a clean and well-installed dryer vent will dry clothes faster and most efficiently. Make sure you speak to our dryer installation pros to learn more about your vent system today!

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